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How You Can Get Jacked By Eating Once a Day

how to eat once a day

"You only eat one meal per day?" It's a bit awkward trying to explain to strangers and even friends that I generally eat one meal per day. Nobody understands how I could do this. They think that I'm on some crash diet. I do it because I want to get as jacked as possible with the least amount of effort. I wasn't always this weird. I used to Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Drinking and Fitness That I Had to Write

How to drink when staying in shape

There's nothing worse than missing out on a wild night with your friends because you're afraid that your muscles will fall off if you have a drink. We all want to get in shape. We all also want to have fun on the weekends. Everyone dreams of that picture where they're looking good while topless at the beach with a drink in hand. I want to talk Continue Reading

How-to Get Away With Cheating (Art of the Epic Cheat Day)

epic cheat day

"You need to be serious about your diet. No junk food ever!" Who doesn't love to pig out once in a while? Most of us give up on our new fitness lifestyle because we have someone lecturing to us about how we need to be perfect 24/7 when we really want freedom. We're not allowed to eat for pleasure anymore. We usually just give up after a few Continue Reading

What’s All This Intermittent Fasting Hype About?

intermittent fasting

"You look great, but what's the science behind this stuff?" This dude at the gym wanted to get into a debate with me about why I skipped breakfast to get jacked. All I know is that the results don't lie with this system. You could debate studies done in 1975 or you can try something different to see if it works for you. I love intermittent Continue Reading

How-to Boost Your Testosterone to Feel Like The Incredible Hulk

how to boost your testosterone naturally

Isn't it the worst when you're feeling sluggish and you lack any motivation to do anything? We all want to feel on top of the world, be happy, and be ready to conquer. We also want to  feel full of energy. I'm going to show you how you can boost your testosterone naturally so that you can have more motivation than ever and always leave your Continue Reading

Your Cheat Sheet to Becoming The Life of The Party [The Smile Technique]

Life of the party

"How do you know those people?" The worst thing in the world is to go unnoticed. I play a bad guy in my professional wrestling career. I love it. My friends often ask me if it bothers me that everyone hates me. I love it. The opposite of love is indifference. I love to be hated. One day I'll become a good guy and I'll enjoy getting Continue Reading